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這是英語畢業ppt下載,主要介紹了Do you remember the feelings about graduation;Do you remember the graduation photos we had taken;Do you remember what are your regretful things,歡迎點擊下載。




Another year of Graduation season -----full of memories for us Every six or seven month is referred to as “graduation season”, in this period of time, all the graduates, regardless of the primary school ,high school or university, will leave the campus life, go on the different roads which belongs to them….. Do you remember the feelings about graduation? 1.Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 2.You must study harder .And you will be grateful to yourself in the future. 3.I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all. 4.Time flies. 5.Nothing can’t be figured out. The past just can’t be reached again.(沒有什么過不去,只是再也回不去。) 6.Although we fight, we bicker, delight or even anger, you are my best friend forever in my heart.(就算是吵架也好,斗嘴也好,開心也好,出氣也好,你永遠是我心中最好的死黨。) Do you remember the graduation photos we had taken? However, some of them feel regret about their university. Their faces beamed (v.笑 容 滿 面) with happy smiles. Do you remember what are your regretful things? Not having studied their lessons very hard,some of them failed the exam. In the colorful college life, love is definitely an important topic that cannot be ignored. Go with your heart and never regret! It’s a pity that I know it too late and the lapse of time is irreversible. However, if you don't do something now, you'll only regret it . 1.We should try our best to study . Because studying at campus may be the last chance which we accept higher education. It is very precious 2.Try to do some reading in your spare time. Don’t just watch movies or play games. We should use our computer to learn some things. 3. Find one person you really love. Love is a feeling deep within our hearts. 4.No matter how busy you are, should take time out for exercise . 5. Get a part-time job. I think taking part-time job is good ,but we should arrange our time reasonably. 5.Try your best to make friends with nice people and keep good relationship with your teachers. The distance a person can reach depends on who counterparts. And how good a person is depends on who gives him the directions. How successful a man is depends on who9 accompanies him. (一個人能走多遠,要看他有誰同行;一個人有多優秀,要看他有誰指點;一個人有多成功,要看他有誰相伴。) 6.It’s very good for us to travel now and then. Travel can broaden our horizon. We can enjoy eating various food and seeing beautiful sceneries. In a word, we can benefit from travel in many ways. Dream what you want to dream .做自己的夢。 Go where you want to go.去自己想去的地方。 Be what you want to be .做自己想做的人。 (Because you have only one life and one chance to do all things you want to do.) Thank you!






  • 英語畢業ppt


  • 英語畢業ppt